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Mach 4

Brooke Robinson - Tenor

Becky LaBella - Lead

Chris Dunbar - Baritone

Michelle Dunne - Bass

l-r: Becky, Chris, Michelle, Brooke

Mach 4 evolved into its current form over a period of a few years, and competed for the first time with its current personnel at the Harmony, Inc. International Contest in November 2016. Becky LaBella, who started barbershopping in 1976, has seen great success in the craft in both chorus and quartet. Brooke Robinson, Becky's daughter, has been singing for years, but recently started to sing barbershop, and IC&C with Mach 4 was her first quartet contest. Chris Dunbar also brings a wealth of experience to the quartet, and is especially well known for her past performances with Treble in Paradise. Michelle Dunne is a barbershop brat on both sides of the family. She sings bass like her daddy, and is happy to be singing alongside her friend, Becky, after years of wishing it true. Call Becky at 714-390-0597 - they'd love to sing for you!

Restless Rhythm

Becky LaBella  - Tenor

Sandy Hamilton-Ziegler - Lead

Jan Aiello - Baritone

Charlene Zearfoss - Bass

Restless Rhythm 2022.JPG

l-r: Becky, Sandy, Charlene, Jan

.What do you call a four-part A capella harmony group that has enthusiasm, sings with soul and has a love for music? Restless Rhythm is what we call ourselves; we have been singing together since February of 2016! Becky LaBella (Tenor), Charlene Zearfoss (Bass), Sandy Hamilton-Ziegler (Lead), and Jan Aiello (Baritone) make up our four-part harmony quartet. Our mission is to stimulate interest in all ages in the appreciation of music, engage in the singing of A cappella harmony music locally (Private and Public) as well as competing in Area and International competitions. We simply want others to enjoy our music, because we love expressing music through voice! For more info, or to “book” us, contact Sandy at or Charlene at

l-r: Chris, Jessica, Anne, Ann

Top Shelf

Anne McGee - Tenor

Ann Wilcox - Baritone

Chris Dunbar - Lead

Jessica Rhodes - Bass

Top Shelf was formed in 2012 and competed in their first Area contest in 2014. Baritone Singer Ann Wilcox has sung with the Crystal Chords since 1995 and is a veteran of both Area and International contests.  Ann's daughter, Jessica Rhodes, sings bass; she started singing barbershop at the ripe old age of 9 and has also competed with quartets in Area competitions. The Top Shelf lead is Chris Dunbar who has been a part of Crystal Chords since 1992 and has competed in Area and International contests since 1994. Rounding out the quartet is tenor Anne McGee who has sung with the Crystal Chords since 2009. Top Shelf has a mission to have fun while singing barbershop and their goal is to improve each year. You can contact Top Shelf at 607-737-0696.

Zest photo.jpg


Karla Terry - Tenor

Brooke  Robinson- Lead

Ann Wilcox - Baritone

Jessica Rhodes - Bass

What do you call a four-part a cappella harmony quartet that has vivacity, passion, and radiance with a twist of uniqueness in their sound? ZEST is what we call ourselves!


ZEST has been singing together since May 10, 2016 and consists of Karla Terry (Tenor), Brooke Robinson (Lead), Ann Wilcox (Baritone) and Jessica Rhodes (Bass).  We aspire to bring each song to life, to let musical chords soar, and to bring joyful energy to each other and our audience!  Our mission is to stimulate interest in all ages in the appreciation of a cappella harmony, as well as to compete in Area and International competitions.


We can't wait to bring some ZEST your way – contact Jessica at for more information!

l to r: Jo, Becky Michelle, Sharon


               Sharon Glaesemann - Tenor

               Becky LaBella - Lead

              Jo Barlow - Baritone

              Michelle Dunne - Bass

Sharon joined Crystal Chords in the fall of 2016, having fallen in love with barbershop harmonies and the welcoming, encouraging spirit of the women of the chorus. Becky brings over 40 years of barbershop love to Daybreak and is happy to have found a barbershop home in the Twin Tiers. Jo joined Crystal Chords in 2017 and fell in love with barbershop singing and the fun and sisterhood of the chorus. Michelle has been around barbershop most of her life, but didn’t start singing barbershop until 2001.  She loves singing bass in Daybreak with three cherished friends.


Daybreak would love to share their harmonies with you and your group.  We’re available for daytime engagements  –  just call or text Jo at 607-654-9641.

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