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We’re Harmony We’re Strong - Eb

Two Nations - Eb

Harmony Grace - Eb

O Canada - Bb

Star Spangled Banner - F

What a Dream Can Do – A

I Don’t Know Why – Eb


Current Repertoire:



At Last - Ab

Come Rain or Come Shine - A

Devoted to You - Bb

Music Speaks Louder Than Words - D

Peace on Earth - Bb


Don't Stop - F

Five Minutes More - G

For the Longest Time - Bb

Good Luck Charm - F#

Kokomo - Bb

One Fine Day - E

Sing! - Gb

Sound Celebration - Ab

Under the Boardwalk - Eb


Battle Hymn of the Republic - F#

I Believe - Bb

Irish Blessing - C

It Is Well With My Soul - C#

There's a Meeting Here Tonight - F

You Raise Me Up

(Revised February  2021)

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